Five New Year’s weight loss resolutions that are worth making.

At Muscle Wellness, we believe in healthy living and a strong body before weight loss – we’re after strong, lean physiques and happy, healthy athletes. But sometimes weight loss is part of the plan to get on the road to a healthier lifestyle and optimal fitness regime. And as part of an overall fitness plan, it can be an essential step to getting the body you want and deserve.

Feeling like you need to shift some weight this year and thinking of making weight loss one of your New Year’s resolutions? Remember that we are most likely to achieve our resolutions when they are realistic, detailed, and deadline-orientated. When it comes to weight loss, here are five resolutions that we believe are worth making as the new year approaches.



Weight loss resolutions to get behind in 2018

1. I will focus on the bigger picture

If you’re looking for motivation to stick to your weight loss goals, remember that this decision is about more than just weight – it’s about a  healthy lifestyle, about feeling (and looking) better than ever before, managing your stress, and enjoying life more fully. When you look at your weight loss from a holistic experience, it takes on so much more meaning and purpose.

2. I will know and control my trigger foods

We all have them – that favourite late night snack, that go-to sweet treat for when we’re feeling stressed or tired or low. These are also the ones that tend to make us put on weight. Know your trigger foods and get to grips with when they come into your space (and your mouth). Often, it doesn’t work to ban your favourite treats all together – this can create even more stress. Think about limiting these foods, removing them from your home pantry, finding a  healthy (but still delicious) substitute, or having a cheat day that means you won’t be deprived but you’ll have more control over what you eat and when.

3. I will eat right

Healthy eating (what you eat, how much, and how often) is instrumental when it comes to weight loss. Plan ahead to avoid finding yourself hungry and eating the quick (and most often, unhealthy) option. And it works best when combined with a training programme that targets excess body weight and focuses on muscle development and strength training, as well as the right supplement mix for a healthy lifestyle.

4. I will pick the right supplements

When it comes to weight loss, supplements are not a substitute for real food. But, when combined with proper training, they can be a helping hand in getting to the body you want. Our Fit & Firm Series, for example, is about slimming down the right way, leaving you looking and feeling better than ever.

5. I will get an accountability buddy

It always helps to have someone on your side when it comes to achieving your resolutions. Let a close friend into your goal to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, and then let them help you stay accountable to your goal. All the better if they do it along with you. It’s much easier to get into the gym first thing in the morning or hit that monthly weight loss target if you know your buddy is there going through it all with you.

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