Battling to stick to your fitness plan? Try these daily motivators.

You love working out and know that it’s good for you but sometimes it gets a little tough to motivate yourself to stick to your exercise and diet plan. Stress at home and at work can leave you feeling tired and uninspired and your fitness plan in the dust. What do you need? Motivation.

Maybe you want to stick to a regular exercise plan no matter how busy things get on the work front? Or you want to increase your training sessions to hit a specific fitness goal this year? Or you want to eat healthier, organically sourced foods and harness the benefits the come with regular supplement use? Whatever the reason, even the fittest of athletes needs to practice daily motivation to stick to their plans.

Daily ways to boost your workout motivation

1. Time to team up

Research shows that we are more likely to stick to our commitments and fulfil our responsibilities when they are related to or shared with someone else. Get a fitness buddy – share your fitness plan with a trusted friend who is in the same boat. Check in with each other regularly, share your triumphs (and slipups) and encourage each other on the way. Human beings are social creatures and we often do better when we do something with someone we trust and respect.

2. Decide on a real reward

Sure, better health and longevity are rewards in themselves when it comes to working out and eating right but because they aren’t tangible right now, they don’t make for great daily motivators. Decide on a here-and-now reward that makes it worthwhile to stick to your plan. A shopping trip to buy a new pair of shoes right after your workout? Serious downtime on the weekend with a marathon session of your favourite TV series, dinner out and about tonight – whatever is a reward that you can look forward to and enjoy.

3. Post it up

Visual motivation can be a powerful force. Stick pictures of your target body / shape / level of fitness on your fridge, print out your favourite inspirational quotes and stick them up in front of your desk, place post-it notes on your steering wheel… display your motivation where you are most likely to see it every day and you’ll more likely to feel moved by it.

4. Pump it up

Music can affect your mood, outlook, and even your health. Need to get your body moving? Put together a killer playlist of your favourite high-energy numbers, sing along, and you’ll soon find yourself feeling good to go and ready to do what needs to be done.

5. It’s fine time

If positive motivations don’t move you, try a little negative reinforcement. Decide that if you don’t follow your fitness plan, you will have to pay a penalty – much like the swear jar concept, every missed workout or junk food binge equals money in the jar. You can then turn that negative into a positive by allowing yourself a reward once you’re back on track.

6. Eat right

Food might feel like a strange ‘motivator’ but a healthy, balanced diet, complete with the right minerals and nutrients, is an essential part of any successful fitness plan. Organic superfoods, healthy snacks, and the right mix of supplements will boost your energy and awareness levels and reduce stress, fatigue, and illness. The result? Motivation in the form of a greater desire (and ability) to work out and achieve your goals.

The truth is that you’re not going to feel like a fitness fundi every day – even if you enjoy your workout or meal plan, there will be days that you just don’t feel motivated. The point is to keep on going, either sticking to your fitness plan or switching it up to work for you. At Muscle Wellness, we look at fitness from a holistic perspective – we believe that to be truly fit and healthy, you need a balance of exercise and a healthy, properly supplemented diet. Wherever our clients are on their fitness journey, we’re there to provide them with the safe, organically sourced supplementary support they need to keep moving. 

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