Raw cacao – what you need to know.

All things chocolate are bad for you, right? Well, not necessarily. The truth is that chocolate candy bars (what we think of first when we think of chocolate) are bad for you but not because of the cacao that gives the bar its chocolate flavour but because of the added sugar. Refined sugar is what makes chocolates unhealthy. Plus, when the cocoa is roasted to make the chocolate, antioxidant flavonoids and beneficial enzymes are lost due to being heated. So that makes a chocolate bar a no-no when it comes to healthy eating.

Still want that chocolatey flavour without the unhealthy sugars? Think raw cacao.  This however doesn’t happen with raw cacao. What is raw cacao? Think about 100% dark chocolate – it’s made of cacao solids. Cacao solids are what’s left after the cacao butter which is the oil in the cacao bean has been separated from the ground-up raw cacao beans. Cacao solids are used to make cacao powder. The term ‘raw cacao’ can refer to the whole bean, the solids, or the powder, all the elements that have not been heated during the process.  

So, you’ll just eat 100% dark chocolate, right? But, truth be told, it’s not for everyone. What you can do, though, is make raw cacao taste just as good as chocolate… without adding on the extra calories! Here are some tips from one of our resident athletes Bikini Champion Jenna Carmen…

How to use raw cacao for a chocolate cheat

1. Hot chocolate

Want a yummy warm drink that tastes just like dessert? Add a teaspoon of Muscle Wellness raw cacao to boiling water and about 30ml of rice, soya, or almond milk. Avoid dairy if you can as it limits antioxidant absorption. If you’re like Jenna and have a sweet tooth, then add an aspartame-free sweetener.

2. Oats so easy

Cacao is a great way to make your oats chocloatey – just add to organic oats (with no artificial flavourants) and breakfast will be a treat!

Why cacao? Know the benefits

1. Happiness boost

Some days we need a little help to find our bliss. Cacao contains the mood enhancer anandamide which creates a sense of euphoria. Another mood-enhancing compound found in cacao is PEA or phenethylamine, which stimulates the release of endorphins. These compounds often release naturally when we fall in love and they make us feel real good.

2. Hormone balance

Cacao increases levels of serotonin, the feel-good chemical. At certain times during a woman’s cycle, serotonin levels drop substantially. Cacao is proven to balance hormone levels and restore feelings of well-being.

3. Protect your heart

Cacao is rich in flavanols, anti-inflammatory and heart protective antioxidants which help protect against cardiovascular disease, reduce the risk of stroke, and help improve blood circulation.

4. Prevent premature aging

Polyphenol antioxidants found in cacao belong to the same group of antioxidants as red wine and green tea. These antioxidants protect our cells from premature damage and help you to look and feel younger for longer.

5. Fat burner

Drinking a cup of cacao before meals can help you shed fat. This is due to cacao’s MAO inhibitors, which reduce the appetite.

6. Fight fatigue

Boost your energy levels and combat fatigue with one of the highest concentrations of magnesium found in a natural food source. Magnesium also helps to protect against osteoporosis, reduces type II diabetes, and lowers blood pressure.

7. Shine on

Cacao is high in sulphur which is great for promoting shiny hair and strong nails.

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