Muscle Wellness is here to enhance your supplementation experience, help you achieve your goals and compliment your lifestyle

We have taken a look at sports nutrition from a different angle and believe that sports supplements should be healthier and have more of a holistic function and so have come up with the concept of Muscle Wellness.

Our scientifically developed products meet and exceed all the necessary requirements for hardcore bodybuilders and serious athletes whilst caring for the overall health and wellness of the individual, thereby surpassing average one dimensional supplementation and ushering in a new dimension in supplementation.

Where possible in some of our products have included organic superfoods and colostrum both play a strong role in providing health benefits.

We also use the highest quality raw ingredients sourced from sustainable farms, pasture raised cows or from certified organic ingredients.


Provide quality products that deliver results

Be innovative and relevant

Give back to the community

Be a brand that is trustworthy


 An example of this is our source of whey protein.

Our whey is sourced from one of  Europe‚Äôs biggest dairy company.

The whey is sustainably sourced using responsible farming methods that place priority on cow welfare and happiness.  Happy cows ultimately produce better milk and better whey protein.

This sets our Whey apart from other whey proteins.

Our products are manufactured in a GMP facility that adheres to strict quality criteria, in accordance with international standards. You can find out more about the benefits of Grass Fed  Cows on our MW Difference page.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

Muscle Wellness. Nutrition Accomplished.